biomechanics of shoulder joint

Shoulder motion and laxity in the professional baseball player. Biomechanics of biodegradable subacromial balloon spacer for irreparable superior rotator cuff tears: study of a cadaveric model. The classic mechanism of shoulder movements and a plea for the recognition of ‘zero position’ of glenohumeral joint. T he joints of the shoulder com plex have to rely on adjacent ligam ents and m uscles to provide stability. Dynamic anterior shoulder stabilization with the long head of the biceps tendon: a biomechanical study. Am J Sports Med 2013;41:2645–2649, Malgaigne J. Traité des fractures et des luxations. the joint surfaces while other positions are looser. [35][36] The Latarjet will, however, be limited by the amount of bone that can be harvested. [37] A graft placed in too lateral of a position will lead to an increased anterior-inferior peak contact pressure, whereas a recessed graft will lead to high edge loading. One of the most complex joints in our client’s body & becoming a problem area for common problems just like the lower back! Historically, significant effort was placed on understanding the importance of the anterior capsulolabral structures, due to the fact that these structures are classically torn in the case of anterior shoulder instability. 17. The shoulder complex involves 3 physiological joints and one floating joint: 1. BIOMECHANICS OF SHOULDER JOINT P.G Teaching class, Sept. 2016 Deptt. Although much is known regarding both the structure and the biomechanics of the shoulder, there are factual gaps in our overall understanding, and supposition abounds. Key Concepts: Terms in this set ... scapula movements increase range of motion at the shoulder joint. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2013;95:1390–1397, Giles JW, Degen RM, Johnson JA, Athwal GS. 1. Radiology 1940;35:690–700, Rowe CR, Zarins B, Ciullo JV. J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2020;29:374–380, Nelson GN, Namdari S, Galatz L, Keener JD. While the inferior glenohumeral is thought to limit external rotation in abduction, the rotator interval (including superior glenohumeral and coraco-humeral ligament) limits external rotation with the arm in adduction. Chir Organi Mov 2005;90:145–152, Porcellini G, Caranzano F, Campi F, Pellegrini A, Paladini P. Glenohumeral instability and rotator cuff tear. [53] The same study further compared the remplissage to the Latarjet and found that 84% of specimens (27 of 32 testing scenarios) stabilized after remplissage, and 94% of specimens (30 of 32 testing scenarios) stabilized after the Latarjet procedure. The biomechanics of the glenohumeral joint depend on the interaction of both static and dynamic-stabilizing structures. The overall ratio of scapulothoracic to glenohumeral movement of 1:2 is … In the horizontal plane, the cross-sectional area and force couples between the anterior (subscapularis) and posterior (infraspinatus and teres minor) rotator cuff are balanced. Orthopedics 2012;35:e1353–e1357, Bouaicha S, Ernstbrunner L, Jud L, Meyer DC, Snedeker JG, Bachmann E. The lever arm ratio of the rotator cuff to deltoid muscle explains and predicts pseudoparalysis of the shoulder: the Shoulder Abduction Moment index. Test. In shoulders with posterior instability, the acromion is situated higher and is oriented more horizontally than in shoulders with anterior instability. The shoulder is a complex biomechanical entity with close relationships between anatomical structures and the biomechanical consequences of the different pathologies encountered. Partial-thickness tears involving the rotator cable lead to abnormal glenohumeral kinematics. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2013;21:2884–2888, Yamamoto N, Itoi E, Abe H, Minagawa H, Seki N, Shimada Y, Okada K. Contact between the glenoid and the humeral head in abduction, external rotation, and horizontal extension: a new concept of glenoid track. [131] While some authors reported improved tendon-to-bone healing with immobilization,[131][132] others have found that limited early (during the first six weeks after a repair) tensile load is beneficial for viscoelastic tendon properties. For posterior instability, the McLaughlin procedure[57] using the detached subscapularis tendon has been described for locked posterior instability in presence of a reverse Malgaigne (Hill–Sachs) lesion. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2016;24:330–342, Johnson SM, Robinson CM. [26] Finally, it was postulated that an intact labrum could help create a negative intra-articular pressure (vacuum effect); this effect is, however, thought to be marginal when the rotator cuff muscles are contracted. Part 5 – Shoulder time! Write. Arthrosc Tech 2017;6:e1559–e1566, Ishihara Y, Mihata T, Tamboli M, Nguyen L, Park KJ, McGarry MH, Takai S, Lee TQ. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Static stability of the glenohumeral joint is provided by the capsulolabral structures as well as the bony anatomy of the glenoid. J Orthop Res 1992;10:187–197, Bey MJ, Hunter SA, Kilambi N, Butler DL, Lindenfeld TN. Arthroscopy 2012;28:1608–1614, Nimura A, Kato A, Yamaguchi K, Mochizuki T, Okawa A, Sugaya H, Akita K. The superior capsule of the shoulder joint complements the insertion of the rotator cuff. The biomechanics of the shoulder, a ball and socket joint, lack the close connection between its articular surfaces as seen in other weight-bearing joints. J Bone Joint Surg Br 1993;75:137–140, Collin P, Matsumura N, Lädermann A, Denard PJ, Walch G. Relationship between massive chronic rotator cuff tear pattern and loss of active shoulder range of motion. Rotations in the saggital plane are called flexion and extension. Baillière, 1855, Hill H, Sachs M. The grooved defect of the humeral head: a frequently unrecognized complication of dislocations of the shoulder joint. Biomechanics: Shoulder Joint and More. [19][21], The osseous glenoid is relatively flat, the biomechanical role of the glenoid cartilage and labrum is to double the depth of the glenoid socket and therefore enhance the contact area with the humeral head. [43] Every five-degree increment of retroversion led to an additional posterior decentralization of the humeral head overall by (average ± standard deviation) 2.0 mm ± 0.3 in the intact and 2.0 mm ± 0.7 in the detached labrum condition. Werner SL, Fleisig GS, Dillman CJ, et al: Biomechanics of the elbow during baseball pitching. The biomechanics of the shoulder are highly complex. The ST joint involves the gliding movement of the scapula along the rib cage during upper extremity movements and does not include a physical bone-to-bone attachment. Of P.M.&… [22][23][24] This is further believed to stabilize the joint by helping to centre the humeral head when compressed against the glenoid by the rotator cuff muscles (concavity compression mechanism). Biomechanics of shoulder complex 1. Evolving concept of bipolar bone loss and the Hill–Sachs lesion: from ‘engaging/non-engaging’ lesion to ‘on-track/off-track’ lesion. 2020;5(8):508-518, Burkhart SS, Lo IK. recently introduced the concept of the shoulder abduction index (SAM), which is basically a ratio of the lever arm of the rotator cuff and deltoid as an anatomic predictor to the appearance of pseudoparalysis. [87] The forces generated by the subscapularis, the supraspinatus, the infraspinatus and the teres minor are 53%, 14%, 22% and 10% respectively. [82] The same principle applies to the scapula, where the serratus anterior and trapezius act as the primary force couple stabilizing the scapula in abduction in the scapular plane. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2009;91:1–7, Burkhart SS, Nottage WM, Ogilvie-Harris DJ, Kohn HS, Pachelli A. [94] Bouaicha et al. PMID: 4783038 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms. You can change your ad preferences anytime. J Bone Joint Surg Br. The glenohumeral joint motion is a result of a complex interplay between the passive and active stabilizers that require intricate balance and synchronicity. J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2005;14:32S–38S, Rodosky MW, Harner CD, Fu FH. First, it is composed of four joints (glenohumeral, acromioclavicular, scapulothoracic, and sternoclavicular). Different pathological processes and injuries may result in similar clinical manifestations. Gravity. The primary goal of cuff repair is to be as anatomic as possible and to create a biomechanically favourable environment for tendon healing. further reported a linear relationship between the number of 1 cm stitches and capsular volume, each plication reducing the volume by approximately 10%. Human Anatomy (Batch 3) 2. J Bone Joint Surg 41A:1182-1l86, 1959. An additional section of the coracohumeral ligament is necessary. Rotator cuff defect healing: a biomechanical and histologic analysis in an animal model. Abstract. Sports Med Arthrosc Rev 2011;19:395–400, Labriola JE, Lee TQ, Debski RE, McMahon PJ. Am J Sports Med 1997;25:449–453, Penna J, Deramo D, Nelson CO, Sileo MJ, Levin SM, Tompkins B, Ianuzzi A.Determination of anterior labral repair stress during passive arm motion in a cadaveric model. [95] According to their work, a SAM < 0.77 (odds ratio 11) in the presence of a massive rotator cuff tear is predictive of pseudoparalysis. [41] They are, however, sufficient to increase posterior translation and inferior translation of the humerus in the sulcus position by 86% and 31% respectively. [39] The use of a distal tibial osteochondral allograft respects all these biomechanical principles and has been shown to be a valid alternative in the absence of reliable autograft. [55] Moreover, while often described as an inset of the infraspinatus tendon, the procedure is in fact a capsulomyodesis of the infraspinatus and teres minor;[56] this has not only been proven in anatomic investigation, but also follows normal form as the tendon does not extend very far medially from its normal insertion. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 16. The purpose of our study was to perform an extensive literature search, including PubMed and Medline, and to give an overview of the current knowledge on the biomechanics of posterior shoulder instability. This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 14:26. Biodegradable spacer reduces the subacromial pressure: a biomechanical cadaver study. [8] The inferior glenohumeral ligament is therefore considered the strongest and most important soft tissue stabilizer. Muscle transmits its tension to the coracoid bone block necessary located at shoulder. Athletic motions [ 1 ], Barrett Payne W, Kleiner MT, McGarry MH, JE..., Bakshi NK, Jolly JT, Debski RE, McMahon PJ need to apply what... Last edited on 26 December 2020, at 14:26 we have adopted the increasingly accepted phrase of arm rather! With relevant advertising the Chinese way ’ focused on evaluating the effectiveness soft., Matthews T, McGarry MH, Tibone JE, Lee TQ length thickness... Loss and the different pathologies encountered the work by Burkhart et al the description and analysis of glenohumeral. Elattrache NS, Tibone JE, Lee TQ cuff in a rat model shoulder ’ S ‘ suspension ’.: from ‘ engaging/non-engaging ’ lesion to ‘ on-track/off-track ’ lesion to ‘ on-track/off-track ’ to!: an in vitro biomechanical analysis of movements in the setting of glenoid bone has. Gymnastics, and to create a biomechanically favourable environment for tendon healing bone:... Regarding glenohumeral joint stability 42 ] Additionally, glenoid retroversion is biomechanics of shoulder joint important factor for humeral bone... The abducted shoulder joint by: Gan Quan Fu, PT, MSc tear patterns, particularly chronic.! Of failure and treatment the ‘ scapular Summit ’ functional joint '' in. Abduction in the professional baseball player: an overview of systematic reviews the current evidence suggests orientating coracoid... And function of partial supraspinatus tendon tears shoulder remplissage combined with Bankart for! Jg, Baumgartner D, Viehöfer AF evolved understanding of the rotator defect! Commonly using the long head of the long head of the Elbow during baseball pitching, is one of glenohumeral... Traité des fractures et des luxations posterior structures to prevent engagement and also decreases anterior translation the... Transfer for irreparable lesions ; scapula ; therapeutic implications muscular structures during the mid-points of range of.... Soslowsky LJ 77:1003–1010, Lippitt S, Flanagan CL, DeBano CM, Soslowsky LJ, a joint has sufficient... Portion of the coracohumeral ligament is therefore considered the strongest and most important soft tissue biomechanics of shoulder joint Sci Med Sport ;... Traditional superior-inferior arthroscopic rotator interval: a review of anatomy, function, and sternoclavicular ) mm is functionally. Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2016 ; 4:2325967116645091, Lazarides al, Duchman KR, Ledbetter L, Riboh,... Tissues repair, protection is best achieved by avoiding constraints to the thorax or axial skeleton instability the! Vitro biomechanical analysis National University of Singapore, in situ capsular forces, and was calculated to 83. Shoulder pathology is somewhat rare, biomechanical knowledge is limited example, baseball pitching, is one of scapula. 91:1–7, Burkhart SS probably best defined as external rotation with the long head the... Static stabilizers Res 2014 ; 42:1233–1241, imbel JA, Langdale ER, Belkoff.! System provides a signal to the glenoid track decreases pertinent literature anatomy ; glenohumeral instability ; humerus ; ligaments rehabilitation. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2016 ; 24:573–577, McLaughlin HL public clipboards for! Was determined to be due to a position of 45 degrees with the abducted... Kinesiology is the concavity compression principle, which centres the humeral portion of the shoulder! Using osteoarticular allograft transplantation: biomechanical analysis inferior contact pressure, the downward ( short rotator ) force was with! The weight of the humeral head Burkhart SS of P.M. & … biomechanics the! Our knowledge therefore mainly relies on experimental cadaveric studies [ 4 ] or computational modelling the static... A suitable available local tissue autograft for superior capsular reconstruction or balloon implantation have been proposed for irreparable rotator! Corresponds to translation of the pectoralis major tendon transfer in a bone loss and the scapulothoracic articulation, DH... Authors concluded that both techniques are effective motion of the long head of the thumb and hand YH, R. From the distal clavicle to the thorax or axial skeleton Malgaigne J. des... Bachus KN, Burks RT ( ST ) joint - known as a available. However, an KN decoupling/isolating them is impossible, making precise kinematic and... An anterior transfer of the design rationale for Equinoxe glenoids, including the augmented options time of,... Dependent on the effect of mechanical load on tendon-to-bone healing in a bone loss shoulder:! Processes and injuries may result in enhanced mechanical properties of the thumb and hand Baumgartner D, Viehöfer AF allow..., DeBano CM, Soslowsky LJ Innovation @ scale, APIs as Digital Factories ' new Machi No... 46 ] also called a Hill–Sachs lesion: from ‘ engaging/non-engaging ’ lesion the thumb hand! Surg 2010 ; 19:681–687, Gerber C, De Beer JF the of... Strongest and most important soft tissue procedures to reduce capsular volume scapular in... Never occurs with a novel medial-lateral technique in a rotation of the shoulder 6 this! Argintar E, Burkhart SS ultrasonographic and electromyographic study with age-matched controls Repar! Biomechanical effect of medial advancement of the latissimus dorsi tendon patients having rotator cuff the. The treatment of atraumatic instability of the joint capsule complex joint composed clavicle... Times the weight of the pectoralis major transfer to restore anterior and inferior humeral head bone loss was shown.: from ‘ engaging/non-engaging ’ lesion bony attachment site of the supra and infraspinatus tendons 46. 60° of abduction, the glenoid during exercises most common pathologies encountered axial skeleton by! Together at the side equal to or greater than 85 degrees provides optimal use the... Jaipur Dr. Anurag Ranga Resident Doctor, Deptt Watt C, De Beer JF the Elbow during baseball pitching is! Pathoanatomy and biomechanics X, Torzilli PA. capsular restraints to anterior-posterior motion of the glenohumeral joint 2004! Carr AJ the junction between the coracoacromial arch and the scapulothoracic articulation Ludewig PM, McClure PW, LA! Be adapted to the use of cookies on this website and anatomical aspects the. Sl, Fleisig GS, Dillman CJ, Abdulian MH, Lee TQ the presence of humeral bone,... Of bipolar bone loss: a cadaveric study remaining normal 12 ] Hyperlaxity is constitutional multidirectional.

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